Monday, February 21, 2011

February in Nutshell

Well another month has come and (almost) gone! It has been a fun and exciting month for our little family...I guess February not such a bad month after all. Here are the highlights
-We made our annual escape from winter (not to Mexico this year) But a close second; St. George/Mesquite. With good reason too. We went to see Savannah and Jeremy be baptized. It was so nice to hang out with the Cannon Fam and to enjoy the 65 degree weather! Lydia took all of five minutes to get comfy with her cousins and she did her best to keep up with them and and their leather bottom feet all weekend. We also took a fun little family drive/hike to the dinosaur tracks...very cool!

-Valentines Day...was low key but really nice. Gary wrote me a thoughtful note and gave me a spray tan. I wish I could spray tan every week in the winter. I'm not a good looking white person ;)
-Birthday Celebrations - We had a fun little party for Amy and Jesi. I made them a cake from scratch and we had a nice dinner. I think they both had good birthdays.
-THE Wedding of the year...Our dear friends Caitlin(Lydia's idol ad BFF)and Darren (Gary's BFF) got married!! It was a full two-day event with the rehearsal dinner, temple sealing, and the reception. It was so much fun to be a part of their special day!


Di said...

we are comin in April & be staying with CJ's folks. Lets get together. I really want to meet & hold your new baby girl

Di said...

Ever brin a turkey before? I assume you have with all your awesome cooking skills & all. I wondered what your opinion of it is.